Welcome to Rainbow Trader Auctions

Our next Indian Artifacts and Antique auction is in New Berlin, IL. The auction will begin at 9:30am CST and will continue until everything is sold. Fairness and honesty are certainly terms that seem to be cliches in our modern over marketed world, and certainly these words are not always justifiably associated with auction sales services but fairness and honesty are exactly those ideals by which we have always aspired to conduct our business since the inception of Rainbow Traders Estate Services 35 years ago.

We believe that fairness and honesty are the integrities that our customers have recognized in our business. Their patronage has resulted in the success we have had permitting us to survive 35 years of a changing economic climates and global markets while other have failed. Our continuing ability to bring quality antiques, prehistoric and historic Native American Indian artifacts and unique items to public and private market has allowed us to build probably the largest and most comprehensive mailing list of customers, collectors, and consigners in the collecting industry.

We think you will enjoy viewing some of the great items we have had the honor to sell for individuals, families, and estate collections over these last 35 years. Subscription information for our catalogues and availability of past catalogues and their valuable resource prices lists are enclosed herein. We hope we may be of service to you as a collector or a consigner. For further information on auction procedure, competitively priced commissions, our long list of references or an individual item consultation we welcome inquiries by phone Monday-Friday 9am-12pm central time or by mail at the enclosed address.

On a personal note, I came from a family that conducted auctions, antique shops, antique shows and estate sales for over 39 years. I have a strong German and Native American Indian family history. We certainly attempt to conduct our private as well as our public sales with respect to Native American cultural traditions.

"It does not require many words to speak the truth." ~Chief Joseph Nez Perc, circa 1877